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Anbernic RG351M - Super Nintendo - SNES - Games Tested - How Amazing Is This System?

  Anbernic RG351M - Super Nintendo - SNES - Games Tested - How Amazing Is This System? In this video we take a look at a selection of Super Nintendo SNES games running on the superb RG351M handheld. These play fantastically well and I've not had a single game run anything less than perfect. These are really well suited to this device. Hope you enjoy the video! Next up to be tested, Vectrex games.

Interview With Kelsy Norman - The Speeding Bullitt Podcast - The Life + Films Of Steve McQueen!

Friends, in today's video I get to sit down and talk to the man behind one of my favorite podcasts, Kelsy Norman, host of the Speeding Bullitt podcast, The Life & Films of Steve McQueen. It's a fascinating look behind the scenes which I'm sure you'll enjoy! Check out the podcast right here; Thanks, Jules.

A day off so taking the chance to get a few videos filmed!

Got a midweek day off today so I'm taking the chance to get a few new videos filmed. These include almost the last of my Simpsons collection as well as a new Star Trek video and a paperback repair video. These will be coming up over the next few weeks. If you like these behind the scenes posts, do let me know in the comments below! Thanks, Jules. jules burt, behind the scenes, book repair, the simpsons, star trek, filming, youtube

Cleaning - New - Vintage Paperback Pick-Ups - March 2021 - ASMR, Maybe!

Cleaning - New - Vintage Paperback Pick-Ups - March 2021 - ASMR, Maybe! In this video I take another look through the process I use when cleaning my latest vintage paperback and hardback book pick-ups and acquisitions. I like to brush the top edges to remove dust, rub out pencil marks inside, sort out folded-over page corners and give any glossy covers a bit of a buffing! It's a very therapeutic and satisfying task which I thought I'd share with you in a video. This one contains a great selection of classic paperbacks, some british hardback annuals and even an old US comic! Hope you enjoy it! Jules. jules burt,vintage paperbacks,cleaning vintage paperbacks,how to clean vintage paperbacks,cleaning books,how to clean a book,book repair,paperback repair,repairing vintage books,asmr books,asmr soft spoken,asmr cleaning,asmr whisper,asmr british accent,asmr book cleaning,asmr paperbacks,asmr book repair,asmr vintage,asmr vintage books,asmr vintage paperbacks,vintage pan books,Vint

Welcome to the new website - hope you find it useful!

    Friends, thanks for dropping by. I intend to showcase all my new videos that I post to YouTube on this website and also add in interesting bits of information along the way.     Ideas for future videos are always welcome and I hope to archive all my work, both videos and written work here on this site. It'll be great to have it all together. I'll update as each new video goes live and will try to address the backlog of videos as soon as I'm able.     Until then, please check out the channel if you've not already and do hit that subscribe button!      Thanks, Jules. My YouTube Channel